Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

Here's to 2009. I sincerely hope it is a good one, that is filled with happy days and peaceful nights. I hope for many things but I will not bore you with those. Instead, I will bore you with my resolutions. I decided to make a lot so maybe some will stick!!

1. Blog on a more consistent basis - That would be nice!
2. Do not purchase anything for 6 months. Obviously this does not include essentials like food but simply the extraneous things that i allow to clutter my life
3. Organise my house and throw the excess away.
4. Learn to let go of things that are just taking up space
5. Take Owen for soccer lessons
6. Take Alex roller skating once a week
7. Take Alex and Owen for swimming lessons
8. Make sure they get to the park at least twice a week
9. Eat dinner at the table every night - we fell out of this habit and it needs to be reintroduced
10. Go to see grandparents in Wisconsin

I also want to make sure I try a new recipe for dinner at least once a week.

So Happy New Year to everyone. I hope it is all that you wish.

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