Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

Today was one of those milestone birthdays that puts pressure on a person to feel something that they are not even sure they know how to feel. I felt as though I should feel different or contemplative or have some revelation. Instead I felt the same thing I feel every morning - is there coffee made and where is it? After coffee was successfully placed into my personage, I made my way down to Gig Harbor sans children - now that was a gift! I got to browse through my favorite Borders bookstore and found some of the beautiful British magazines I covet so dearly! There was no going to the kids section and hearing how much they needed yet another Thomas/Cars/Bearnstein Bears book. It was a wonderful break and went a long way to restoring sanity. I made my way back to Silverdale and purchased myself a little fresh fruit tart and some other delights for the family! Then back home for lunch and reality!

Alexandra is feeling way under the weather and there is nothing as pitiful as a sick child. Add autism and an unwillingness to take medicine or receive anything in the way of comfort, and it makes for a long afternoon/evening. I did get a little afternoon reprieve too which was wonderful. I went to Michaels and purchased a few Martha Stewart Christmas things and then to Costco for more basic household items. Again, it was just me and my ipod and it was only playing Kathryn songs! Not a Laurie Berkner to be found!! No offense Laurie!

Back home for a pork feast and then it was all about Alexandra and trying to get her to take comfort! I just got a little visit from my friend Jenna who was brandishing a birthday bag filled with coffee beans and a wonderful travel cup - yeah, she really knows how to make me happy! Now I wind down this day with a feeling that it was not celebrated with the dramatic act called for, yet feeling that it was a pretty good day after all. I wonder what the next year and decade will bring and hope it is just a happy, joy filled time that makes my heart happy and my soul full. Here's to all that is good and pure and real.

And now onto Thanksgiving!!

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