Friday, November 7, 2008

a dozen years and counting!

Happy Anniversary to us! We were married 12 years ago today (Nov 6th) or tomorrow (Nov 7th) depending on who you want to believe. Actually we were married at about 1am on the 7th but the certificate states the 6th. So we cut our losses and celebrate on both days! There are no photos or witnesses to this event that we know of. A French television crew were shooting a documentary about Vegas weddings so perhaps there are a few French people who may have proof of this event. We, on the other hand, have zero images and that was kind of what we were going for. It was a wedding that cost a total of about $150 and we both wore jeans and shirts. No frills, just us saying our vows. We went to Arbys for a burger after the ceremony and then to a casino for a little poker action.

Here is the Candlelight Chapel where the great event took place

We arrived in Vegas after driving cross country from Virginia. We were down to our last few dollars but wanted to do this - I think we both knew that in terms of timing, it was now or never. I had a return ticket to Italy waiting in case we decided against it. When we got to Vegas, we had no idea that staying in a large theme hotel like Treasure Island would probably have been cheaper so we opted for a little crappy piece of shit motel which was directly across from said Treasure Island. Lets just say it was not luxury!! Here then, the lovely Tam O'Shanter motel

As I said, not luxury. In fact, I am not sure calling it the Bates Motel would have made it any less icky. But there we stayed for 3 days. We got to watch the Treasure Island Pirate show about 4 gagillion times and I gotta tell you, it is not that great! The highlight for Eric was the magic fingers 25c bed which made me seasick. The highlight for me was using the swimming pool which registered a temperature of about minus 38 - it was like diving into ice. I took comfort in knowing that nothing from that lovely room could survive that temperature so I made myself get into it daily!!!

After Vegas, we drove to San Diego and started our married life together. 12 years, 2 kids, a dog and many miles and relocations we are still together and thriving. He really is my lobster!

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